About us

Successful for over 10 years in Europe with a focus on South-Eastern Europe
→ Competent, powerful and personal
→ Product portfolio of over 15,000 items

Techeurope is not only a wholesale dealer, but a .... philosophy!

The philosophy to give all Europeans the ultimate pleasure in the technology market.
The flexibility to choose, buy and enjoy quality products at a great price.

The idea of ​​giving the world the best product guarantees a top market price.
We love what we do and respect our customers, with whom we have direct contact.

We are a company with knowledge, passion, responsibility, values, goals and understanding. TechEurope is a wholesale company in the field of consumer electronics with the main focus on mobile phones from all the major brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi and Huawei. Next to mobile phones we also offer Airpods, Notebooks, Laptops and other consumer electronics.

We work smartly and efficiently, adapting to changes, behaving transparently and credibly, communicating directly and openly, looking for innovative solutions and listening to the global marketplace.

Our goal is the marketing of high quality branded products from all over the world at reasonable prices. With central warehouses in Europe, we are always close to the major European markets.
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