Legal Revocation Terms

For trade, Europe-wide uniform rules apply, which are due to the implementation of the EU Consumer Rights Directive.
The withdrawal period is uniform throughout Europe 14 days. There is an identical pattern cancellation policy throughout Europe.

To exercise the revocation, the buyer must declare himself explicitly to Techeurope. A commentless return of the goods is no longer sufficient.

Conditions of return
For a fast processing of your return (s) you must follow the conditions given below.

  1.         The product must be in the original packaging.
  2.         The product must not be damaged.
  3.         There must be no stickers or text on the product.
  4.         The reason for the return must be stated per product.
  5.         The type of defect must be specified per product.
  6.         The returns will be processed within 2 weeks of receipt by Locoss.
  7.         You must package the fragile products, such as LCD / Touch / Glass / Spare parts safely. Otherwise your return will not be processed.

If you have questions about your return, you can send an e-mail to stating your order number, the date of return and the content. You must specify exactly what was included in your return, such as the order number, product name, model, and color.